G-Series Tank

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The new and efficient smooth rectangular design gives the tank a slim profile and allows for more water in the same amount of space as other tanks without compromising structural integrity.
The exclusive NFPA compliant removable bolt-on lid gives you access to each individual tank compartment, and enables our welders to produce ‘double welded’ seams. This offers an extra level of protection against leaks. It also allows for easier lid removal while the tank is still installed, requiring only top access for lid removal.

Standard Features:

  • 3” suction with internal sump
  • 1 ½” refill
  • ¾” drain
  • ½” foam suction
  • Lifting point for vertical install
  • Color coded fill towers with screens
  • Water and foam level gauges
  • 1 ½” mounting tabs front and rear

Standard Sizes with or without foam cell:

  • 200 gallons 48” W x 60” L footprint
  • 250 gallons 48” W x 60” L footprint
  • 300 gallons 48” W x 60” L footprint
  • 400 gallons 48" W x 60" L footprint
  • 500 gallons 48" W x 60" L footprint
  • Custom: The G-Series tank design can be easily modified which allows for flexibility with custom tanks and specific needs

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